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Since 1975, MARR has provided intensive residential addiction treatment to men and women struggling with substance use disorder. Our drug and alcohol rehab center in Atlanta, Georgia consists of dedicated staff members that treat clients and their families. We ensure clients receive the help they need to lead healthy, sober lives.

An active alumni community and comprehensive aftercare programs help clients to maintain sobriety long after graduation from MARR. We are committed to their wellbeing and provide ongoing support through the years.

The reviews and testimonials below reveal what MARR’s former clients and their loved ones are saying about our addiction treatment center. Help is only a phone call away — contact one of our Admissions coordinators today at 678-805-5131 or 800-732-5430.


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Nearly nine years have passed since my time spent at MARR, and because of their program, my life becomes richer with each day. MARR's recognition of addiction as a disease, along with an insistence that we must take responsibility for our own behavior, is the proper mix for understanding a complicated medical, social and psychological condition. I maintain close contact with them to this day and recommend any addict with whom I counsel to enroll in their program.

MARR has been a life saver for my son-in-law and my daughter. He has been working the program for over two years. It has not been an instant fix for all the problems he has had to face. Through MARR, he is learning how to stay in recovery with the help of God, the dedicated staff, his sponsor, and all his good friends he has made throughout this remarkable program. His support system is always there to help him whenever needed. His whole life is changing because of MARR.

My daughter has become very spiritual and learned many new life skills to handle what has come her way. MARR has taught her how to stay healthy mentally and physically in order to take care of herself and her family. Her faith has grown in leaps and bounds and is felt throughout her whole family. She continues to expound on the value of MARR in her life often. She is such a better person because of MARR.

MARR has given me my daughter back and has helped me make life-long friends. The staff is awesome.

I came to MARR in June of 2006. I had tried getting sober at numerous other facilities and on my own. I felt it was my last chance. I did not know how to live life without drugs and alcohol. I was unable to be honest with myself and others. MARR helped me in more ways than can be explained. The community atmosphere and independent living is very helpful. I stayed in MARR for 18 months and stayed close after I left. I continued attending my Spiritual Life group until I moved from Atlanta in November of 2009. I can honestly say that there is no place like MARR. It reunited me with my friends and family and a God of my understanding. For that I will always be grateful. Anytime someone comes to me about a loved one in need of help, I always suggest MARR to them.

After years of alcohol and drug abuse, my daughter entered MARR. I was hopeful but not convinced that this program would help her finally end her battle with these addictions. She successfully completed the program and would not have the life she leads today without the support and services of MARR. But unexpectedly along with the journey that my daughter made, because of MARR's dedication to serving the family also, I was able to take my own life back and have recently enrolled in college, found a wonderful church home that has been a source of great fulfillment and fellowship, and have become very active again. I have never been happier and I thank MARR and their wonderful staff and support for showing both my daughter and myself how to live a wonderful, clean and sober life.

Twenty-five years of drinking led me to a place of increasing isolation, poor choices and countless attempts to control the alcohol and manageability of my life. Driving drunk and losing control of my car ultimately took the life of a young woman, injuring her husband as well. Deep in a pit of despair, I was led to MARR, where I discovered there was hope for the emotional, physical and mental bankruptcy of my soul. MARR's genuine love and expertise saved my life, introduced me to a God of grace and forgiveness, and showed me the tools I need to stay sober one day at a time. I dare imagine what my life would now be like without them.

My husband attended MARR for six months. I had no idea how important MARR would be for me during that time and since he has come home. They helped me understand the disease and my part in my family’s recovery. I still use MARR as a resource on a weekly basis to continue my work in recovery. I'm happy to say my husband has been sober now for over 18 months and my two boys and I could not be happier to have him home with us each and every day. It has been nothing short of a miracle and some great guidance from the staff at MARR and those involved in the MARR family network. Thank you!